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"Akakabu" built in 1870.
A Traditional Japanese Style Old House. Relocated and Remodeled. One’s Thoughts go back to “The Good Old Japanese Life!”



garden benches

Garden Benches

sit around the fire

Sit around the fire

european style dining room

Enjoy our European Style Dining Room. It’s convenient for people of all ages.

Always Generous Portions and a lot of Hida Area Food included with our meals.
Famous Brand Pork “Hida Nattokuton” Shabu-Shabu. (thinly sliced meat blanched in hot water) Please book in advance.

hida area foods

over 600 bottles of wine
local hoda sake (japanese rice wine)

There are over 600 bottles of wine from around the world in stock. Various Local Hida Sake (Japanese rice wine) also available. Help yourself from 150 yen per glass.

Spacious Japanese Cypress Bath. Also available early in the morning upon request.Showers okay anytime.

japanese cypress bath
clean room